Expressions with Names

There is something peculiar with the English language. Many popular expressions contain someone's name. Here is a small example. ;
  1. Mary Jane (Marijuana - Thank you: MTLJ)
  2. Messy Bessie (Thank you: Alice)
  3. Mighty Max (To be strong (TV show) - Thank you: Lexi)
  4. Moses smell the roses (Thank you: RJ )
  5. Mr. and Mars Smith - (not really a first name, but oh well)
  6. My way Mary (Thank you: Eddie Rivard)
  7. Negative Bob (Thank you: Christine K)
  8. Negative Nancy (Thank you: MTLJ)
  9. Nervous Nelly
  10. Nigel no friends (Thank you: Nigel)
  11. No shit Sherlock! (Thank you: MH)
  12. No way, Josť
  13. Noisy Nora
  14. Nosey Parker
  15. On my Pat Malone (On my own (rhyming slang) - Thank you: Staralfur)
  16. On the Jack and Jill (Thank you: Staralfur)
  17. On the John - In the bathroom, taking a dump (Thank you: Sean)
  18. Paul Baerer (pallbearer - Thank you: MTLJ)
  19. Peeping Tom
  20. Permit Patty
  21. Pessimistic Patricia (Negative person )
  22. Peter Piper (Thank you: MTLJ)
  23. Plain Jane
  24. Positive Patty (The opposite sister of Negative Nancy - used in my classroom - Thank you: Lexi)
  25. Pretty Polly (Thank you: Wallace Finlator)
  26. Pristine Christine (an impeccable woman - Thank you: Scott)
  27. Raggedy Ann
  28. Raging Ryan (To party extremely hard - Thank you: Quitter)
  29. Ready, Freddy
  30. Realistic Rita (Thank you: MH)
  31. Robbing Peter to pay Paul (Using money set aside for one bill to pay another bill - Thank you: Staralfur)
  32. Rockin' Robin
  33. Roger that (Agreed, I will do it, I understand it - Thank you: SAS and Tekewena )
  34. Rose the nose or nosey Rosey (Thank you: Tifani)
  35. Runaround Sue (Girl that is "frivolous" that gives her attention to many men. - Thank you: Bestcara)
  36. Sad Sally
  37. Safe Sally (Someone who always plays it safe- as heard on "Ink Master" - Thank you: HJS)
  38. Sam heck (Thank you: Jas Hilsdon)
  39. Sam hill (Thank you: Jas Hilsdon)
  40. Sara plain and tall
  41. Scary Mary (The sister of Bloody Mary - Thank you: Lexi)
  42. Scott free, (Thank you: Jas Hilsdon)
  43. Scott free (Cause he's amazing! - Thank you: Scott)
  44. Scott no friends, Neville will (Thank you: Staralfur)
  45. Shivering Shinequa (Big Bertha's Child - Thank you: HJS)
  46. Shrinking Violet (Immensely shy person - Thank you: Staralfur)
  47. Silent Sam (Thank you: Wallace Finlator)
  48. Silly Billy (Thank you: alay)
  49. Silly Lily (To be funny - Thank you: Lexi)
  50. Simon says - Do this (Thank you: Tekewena)
  51. Simple Simon (Thank you: Wallace Finlator)
  52. Slide Clide (Move over)
  53. Slim Jim (Thin person - Thank you: Tom)
  54. Sloppy Joe
  55. Smart Alec
  56. Smarty Marty (someone who thinks they know everything - Thank you: Aaron)
  57. Sneaky Pete (Thank you: MH)
  58. Sorry Charlie (Thank you: kkk)
  59. Spooky Sally (To look scary - Thank you: Lexi)
  60. Stan The Man (Thank you: MTLJ)
  61. Starving Marvin (I am really hungry)
  62. Steady Eddy
  63. Strong Will (Head strong - Thank you: MH)
  64. Suzy homemaker (Keeps household together - Thank you: DJV)
  65. Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond song - Thank you: MH)
  66. Tear Alex (Crying - Thank you: Dan)
  67. That's the plan Stan (Thank you: Jackie)
  68. The John (The toilet)
  69. Tiny Tim (From Christmas Carol - Thank you: MH)
  70. Tiny Tina (Thank you: MTLJ)
  71. Tom Boy (Thank you: MTLJ)
  72. Tom Cat (Thank you: MTLJ)
  73. Tom Terrific (Thank you: MTLJ)
  74. Tommy Gun (Thank you: MTLJ)
  75. Tommy rot (Thank you: Jas Hilsdon)
  76. Tricky Dick (Thank you: MH)
  77. Typhoid Mary (Applied to anyone who spreads a disease, but is asymptomatic - Thank you: MikeK)
  78. Uncle Sam
  79. Up and Adam! (Up and at them!)
  80. Vegan Meagan (A person who abstains from consuming animal products)
  81. Wasteful Wendolyn (One who is wasteful)
  82. Webb Bond (my Chilean friends will understand)
  83. What'a fuck?, Jack
  84. What's up Chuck! (What's new or whats going on...said as you meet someone - Thank you: dkingslayer)
  85. Whippering Willy (Off the TV series Bunk'd - Thank you: Lexi)
  86. Whoa Nelly (Stop it right there. Neely is a common mare's name)
  87. Will Power (Thank you: dmc)
  88. Willy Nilly
  89. Yes, siri Bob
  90. You don't know Jack [Schitt]

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